Talks & Sermons

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HGSCF First Friday Gathering, September 2015
The Story of the Good News of the God Who Sets Us Free (Pete Williamson) (Listen)

Harvard VERITAS Forum, February 2013
The Bible: Gospel, Guide or Garbage? (N.T. Wright, Sean Kelly, Jay Harris) (Listen)

Talk by Professor Bill Stuntz February 2010
God's Law & Man's (Listen)

Harvard VERITAS Forum, February 2009
A Beautiful Person? (Lauren Winner, Rick McKinley, Marla Frederic) (Listen)
A Beautiful World? (Eric Chivian, Richard Cizik, Kyle Van Houtan, Larry Schweiger) (Listen)
A Beautiful Community? (Dave Schmelzer) (Listen)
A Beautiful Conversation: Where Do We Go from Here? (Shane Claiborne) (Listen)

3 talks by N.T Wright, November 2008:
Reconstructing Hope: Why Do Good in a Hopeless World? (Listen)
Reconstructing Hope: What is Good in a World that Defies Hope? (Listen)
Reconstructing Hope: Doing Good: What Plus Hope Equals Change? (Listen)

Talk by Tim Keller, March 2008:
Reason for God (Listen)

Talks by Tony Campolo, November 2006:
(1) Brown Bag lunch at KSG: Listen
(2) Evening talk at Memorial Church:

Talk by Carl Medearis, November 2005:
To listen to this talk: (Click here)

Talk by Keith Getty, contemporary hymn writer, May 2005:
To listen to this talk:
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Talk by Andy Crouch at our welcome meeting, September 2005:
On the Journey to Greatness: Read it
On the Journey to Greatness