HGSCF is supported by a team of campus ministers who work for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and are blessed to work alongside student leaders in the mission of God at Harvard.

David Heckendorn

David Heckendorn grew up in Seattle, studied in California, earned an Economics degree and a Stanford MBA, and then left the Silicon Valley to smuggle Bibles behind the Iron Curtain- until the wall came down. He lived in Europe for ten years, returning to the USA with a wife (Roselle) and three children (John Henry, Marianna, Peter). Thereafter he worked in industry, marketing medical devices and services, developing and launching two new-to-planet devices. He enjoys playing and coaching soccer, and snow and water sports, and hiking and biking- in moderation. At Harvard, he wants to get to know graduate students from around the world – particularly any who have never heard that Jesus loves them. In addition to leading the Fellowship of International Students at Harvard (FISH), he advises the Christian fellowships at the School of Public Health and the Kennedy School of Government.

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Tim Son

Tim Son comes to us from Gordon College where he was the Director of Spiritual Care. More bio coming soon!

Michael Greene

Michael Greene has been on InterVarsity staff since 1993. He works with medical/dental and public health students as well as international researchers and scholars in the Longwood Medical Area. Michael’s early interests in medicine were sparked in part by the family’s pediatrician, who welcomed his natural curiosity and questions during office visits. Michael brings this spirit of inquiry and wonder to Scripture study, and loves helping others dig deeper into the Word, whether they are well-versed or exploring for the first time. Michael has an MDiv from Gordon-Conwell, and before coming on staff with IV pastored a rural New England church. He also holds an MEd with a concentration in Language, Literacy and Culture, and teaches international students full-time at MCPHS Univ. His other active pursuits include running, woodworking and playing the violin. Michael and his wife Carol are members of Park Street Church (where Michael first began to more fully understand and embrace the grace of Jesus while in high school) and they live in Watertown with their youngest daughter Katherine.

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Evette Awa

Evette Awa is our Campus Staff Minister for the Business School, Law School, and BGM (Black Graduate Ministries). She previously supported the Boston InterVarsity Grad Team as our Field Operations Director. A fun fact about her is that she is also a Minister of Music and has over 20 years of leading worship and recording music under her belt, including here at HGSCF! Evette earned her Masters in International Business from Hult International Business School in Cambridge and came to us from Microsoft. While pursuing her Undergraduate Degree at the University of South Florida, in her hometown of Tampa, she served in worship and volunteered with her local InterVarsity chapter. She is passionate about connecting across different culture groups, proudly speaking three languages! She resides in the MetroWest area with her husband and two beautiful sons.

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Roselle Heckendorn

Roselle serves with her husband David in FISH (the Fellowship of International Students at Harvard) and as overseer for Park Street Church’s international student house in Cambridge. She earned an MBA at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France and worked in marketing for various multinational companies and tiny startups. She taught Creative Problem Solving as part of the Open University’s MBA course and was a director of a non-profit restaurant in the UK and a homeless ministry on Boston’s North Shore. They moved their family to New England from the UK in 1996. Before joining Intervarsity, she was Small Group Director at Free Christian Church, Andover. She trained as a Spiritual Director and offers spiritual direction to women. She enjoys windsurfing in summer, cross country and downhill skiing in winter and plays tennis year-round. She also loves board games, cryptic crossword puzzles and cooking and eating food from around the world.

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Jeff Barneson

Jeff Barneson has been ministering to graduate students and faculty at Harvard since 1983 (!), back when face time meant talking to someone over coffee. He graduated as an engineer but felt God’s call to the campus, which took him from the palm trees of Stanford University to the frigid winters of Cambridge, MA. Along the way, he completed an MTh at Denver Seminary and an MC/MPA at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. An avid cyclist, Jeff is known to ride his bike all the way to our retreat center at Toah Nipi, which is a cool 60 miles from his house. Although he used to work with students across the grad schools, nowadays he works mainly with faculty, both at Harvard and across Boston. He lives with his wife, Tara, and two boys, Zach and Ezra, in Cambridgeport. They worship, learn and serve as part of Pentecostal Tabernacle in Central Square.

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Susan Park

Susan Park is the Area Director for the InterVarsity team in Boston, which means that she oversees the campus ministers at Harvard, MIT, BU, BC, Northeastern, and several other universities in the area. (Although obviously we in the Harvard team are her favorite!) She grew up outside of Chicago and then came to Cambridge to attend MIT for undergrad, where she met Jesus and became passionate about doing ministry with students. Susan has been on staff with InterVarsity for many years and has counseled people through every imaginable issue with her characteristic warmth and humor. Even though she has her hands full trying to keep rowdy campus ministers in line, she is available to meet with students, too, so if you are struggling in some way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to her. Susan lives with Danny, her husband, and Isaac and Sam, her two children, in Cambridgeport, and they attend Highrock Church in Arlington.

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